No matter how good the board it can only accomplish the organisation’s aims by working effectively with its CEO. In the past, many boards have been less than explicit in determining how to achieve this. The relationship is commonly fuzzily defined, evolving in different directions overtime, sometimes leading to a breakdown in understanding and trust. […]

Think about a board of directors you know well. It may be that you’re on the board as a non-executive. Or, perhaps you’re a senior executive reporting at board meetings. Ask yourself these questions: 1. Does the board perform at anything near its full potential? Consistently? 2. Do all board members fully understand the strategic […]

New technology. Financial literacy. Corporate risk. Three critical areas, of awareness and skill, now most sought after in the boardroom. As a board performance consultant, I’ve increasingly noticed the need. According to recent Korn Ferry research, this demand has come to the fore since the global financial crises began. Many boards are increasingly looking for […]

Boards are feeling the pressure. All over the world, economic challenges, organisational stresses, and increasing competition have ramped up the need for top-class boardroom performance. However to truly improve board governance we must first get to the core of the underlying problem: today’s boards are largely comprised of busy, part-time members who have limited knowledge […]